Англ. заключение курсовой


Theme of this course project is «The problem of authority delegation in organizations». Main aims of this project are:

to understand the word «delegation»;

to see its influence on an efficiency;

to analyze problems, mistakes, difficulties, which connect with authority delegation;

to understand what superior can delegate and what he/she can’t;

Delegation is a tool which a superior uses to define subordinates’ tasks to complete. The purposes of delegation are:

to create the best conditions;

to unload a senior executive;

to approach a decision to a place of realization;

to improve members’ capability of working;

to increase employees’ engagement to the process.

Delegation has lots of benefits for the whole company. These benefits are for a company (decreasing hierarchy; increasing flexibility of the management system; creating conditions for education), a superior (deliverance from the routine work; verification employees; increasing trust in a team) as well as a subordinate (increasing qualification; climbing the corporate ladder; getting more satisfaction from working).

Unfortunately, many managers don’t properly understand the essence of delegation. In order to interpret this correctly we should know about responsibility (an obligation to do tasks and answer for a satisfactory fulfillment) and authority (the limited right to use resources of an organization and to direct workers’ efforts to perform specific tasks).

Scientists dispute: should superior delegate responsibility together with authority. There are 3 points of view:

the first one is to delegate authority, but not responsibility;

the second point of view is to delegate both: responsibility and authority;

the fird opinion is to delegate authority and partly responsibility, but a superior is responsible for results as well.

So, there are 2 types of responsibility:



In my course project, I wrote about principles, stages of delegation.

To the sum, I prefer saying that authority delegation helps to increase company’s efficiency. In my point of view, any organization needs to use delegation. The reason is that it’s extremely important to be able adjust quickly and correctly. Otherwise, the organization may be ruined.