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Better Life in Motherland

I live in the largest and the most beautiful country in the world. It associates with bears, matreshka, balalaika and Russian cuisine: borsch, pelmeni, okroshka and pancakes. The capital of Russia is Moscow. The president of Russia is V.V. Putin.

Moscow is one of the biggest and the most beautiful cities in the world. Many tourists come to our country to visit Moscow and to see its places of interest and attractions. The Kremlin, the Red square the Bolshoi Theatre, the Tretyakov Gallery are well known all over the world. Moscow is an educational center. There are many colleges and universities in it. A lot of young people from different countries come here to get an education.

There are a lot of famous people in our country. The first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin lived in Russia. We are proud that he studied in Saratov and landed not far from it. The names of Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Visotski, Rublyov, Nikulin, Shalyapin, Pavlova, Ulanova are famous all over the world.

People more than one hundred nationalities live in our country. All of them have their own cultures, traditions, holidays. We learn to be tolerant to each other and respect other traditions. We take part in the holidays and get a lot of fun. For example pupils of different nationalities learn in our school. And we are all friends.

Russian sportsmen are one of the best in the world. We were the fourth in the last Olympic Games.

I love my country, I love my home, I love my Motherland.