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Better life in Motherland

My country is a rich and a big house, millions of different people live in it, but all of them are linked by invisible thread. This connection has not been broken by time or circumstances. The name of this invisible connection is the love to our motherland. We cannot but love our country, because it is impossible not to love your own house.

Sometimes you may feel that the world around you is crumbling, and everything is bad. And you could not help asking yourself: «What should I do?» You try to run from yourself, from your friends, from your hometown. And, often, you find serenity somewhere in a small village near the noisy streams. Why? The answer is very simple, because it is your own home, like your mother, like your family which supports you, gives you force and hope. And you understand its language: the sounds of wind, gurgling rivers.

Could there be anything better than this? Could there be anything better than living at home? When I began to write the work , I was wondering what motherland means for me personally? For some people motherland is a place where he was born. But for me motherland means my home. My home is my castle. And I love it more than anything else. Only at home, I feel secure and loved.

Motherland for me is my family, my mother and father. They taught me to see the world differently, to be tolerant and appreciate motherland. Motherland is a place where you are loved and waiting for.