Конкурсные сочинения на тему Better Life in Motherland

Better Life in Motherland

Russian Federation is the country where everyone can find a place. Artists, photographers, writers and other creative people are searching inspiration here. The monuments of different epochs are located in Russia. Russia is famous for its wonderful nature, its historical and worldwide famous monuments, its cold weather and bears.

Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation. That’s bright, noisy, and full of people, ideas and active life center of Russia. St. Petersburg is the main cultural center of Russia. Silence, calmness of St. Petersburg is full of complete image of old city. Almost every part of the city is a travel into the past. Every street, every park, every square has its own history. Nobody can get tired or be bored there. “All who come to St. Petersburg incessantly repeat the word “Fantastic.” Beigbeder Frederic.

Russia has a great variety of historical, literary and cinematic monuments. Incidentally the word “monument” is not only the architectural building, but also the cultural heritage.

The State Hermitage Museum, The Moscow Kremlin, The Red Square, Petergof and The Motherland Calls are the famous history monuments.

Many talented people, whose childhood is associated with Russia, were world famous. For example: Nikolai Gogol is famous for the novel Dead Souls, Alexander Pushkin is famous for the novel Eugene Onegin, Leo Tolstoy wrote the novel War and Peace. Pushkin became world famous writer, thanks to his works. Monuments to the writer were built in St. Petersburg, Saratov, Moscow and other cities.

Russia – is my Motherland and I cannot help but love this amazing and beautiful country.

МОУ «СОШ№1 р.п.Татищево»

Шиханова Виктория, 10б класс

Учитель: Месхи И.А.