Конкурс Мой мир

Конкурс по иностранным языкам «Мой мир»

(о себе, о семье, о друзьях)

Газизов Ринат 7 «Б» класс школа №1392 г.Москвы

Задание 1

My name is Rinat and I`m going to tell you about myself. I live in new Moscow. I study at school № 1392, in the seventh form. My hair is dark-brown, my eyes are green, I`m tall and strong. I like to meet with my friends, play computer games. I like play hockey and football. And I like swimming. My character is very pleasant! I`m very communicative and sociable, and I don’t like to have any conflicts. My favourite lessens are English and gym class, because I always get excellent marks on them. I’ve got a lot of friends and I consider to be a nice person for my family, friends and teachers.

This is my team

Задание № 2

My family is not very big. My mam is nice and kind, she is a lawyer, her name is Natalya. My father is kind and strong, he is a manager and he always tries to understand me and help. His name is Rashid. Also I`ve got grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. I love my family because every person loves his family.

As for my friends, I’ve got ten real friends.

They are: Pasha, Igor, Dima, Alex, Sasha, Vadim, Nikita, Vanya, Maxim and Vlad.

Everybody is kind, understandable and ready to help.

I need my friends because they always make me to laugh, they give me good advices and we never bore each other.

We like to play hockey and football together, to talk and to visit cinema.

I love my family and friends, of course!

I with my mam.

Задание № 3



-Please, I`d like to know what kind of hobby do you have?

-Oh, My hobbies : playing hockey and playing computer games.

— Do you have any special trainings of hockey?

— Yeah! I’ve got trainings every day, besides weekends, but on my weekends I’ve got games with other teams.

I like to win!

It’s so interesting and what are your favourite computer games?

I prefer “NHL 13” and “FIFA 13”. And what do you like to do?

As for me, I like reading. It’s absolutely another world!

Thanks, I was glad to talk to you!

Me too! I hope to see you soon!

Задание № 4

My dream is to play hockey very well to earn a lot of money, to have any trips around the World, and live in the center of Moscow.

I think, it’s wonderful to become a hockey star, because I’ll have a lot fanats and friends.

If my dream becomes true I’ll feel happy and rich and my family will be proud of me!

If I see many countries, I’ll know a lot and I’ll have many friends.

I think that every person should have an aim (not dream) and should do everything to reach it!

This is my idol — Great hockey player Tretyak V.

Отзыв: Мне конкурс очень понравился, так как я смог поделиться своими успехами в хоккее и иностранном языке, рассказать о своей семье, друзьях, даже открыть тайну о своей мечте, показать свои фотографии. Спасибо!