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The Red and The Black


The tragic novel ‘The Red and The Black’ cannot remain you indifferent. The events happening with the young heroes evoke readers` sympathy from the first.

Stendhal was known as the earliest practitioner of realism. His stories tell us about real events used to take place in France.

‘The Red and The Black’ is a historical novel in two volumes.

On the one hand the plot focuses on the story of an ambitious son of a peasant. His name is Julien Sorel. This young man has to work his fathers` business, although he hates his family and their property. He is highly intelligent person. He does his best to become a priest and to have a great power.

On the other hand the book tells us about Julien`s heart affairs. Sorel has no soil, he is cold as cucumber. Furthermore, he is an impulsive, reckless youth. However he is trying to succeed seducing the naive women. Sure thing his mistresses are the famous person`s wifes, who are unhappy in their marriage. One day it all goes wrong while Julien murders his paramour.

As far as I remember, in the very end Julien will be horribly punished for his guilt, despite his lover survived. It should be noted that before dying Julien repents his sin.

The story has a surprising end so you might remember it forever. I suppose the story contains lovely romantic chapters, especially at the end. However, the protagonist gets his due, I feel a bit sorry for Julien Sorel.

If you ask me, ‘The Red and The Black’ is well worth reading. Probably you will join thousands of Stendhal admirers.

Selected stories

Love Among the Haystacks


The wonderful story ‘Love Among the Haystacks’ may leave a good taste in your`s mouth. I must confess I adore this tale very much. While I had finished reading, I felt a breath of hopefulness.

Dawid Lawrence is the early 20th century novelist. He was affected by such modern philosophers as Schopenhauer, Shestow, Nietzsche and the other. Perhaps their ideas, embodied in Lawrence`s books, earned him so much enemies.

‘Love Among the Haystacks’ was published with a huge scandal. There were many conservative people about a century ago. They found the book libertine and shameful.

The story takes place at the wild fields full of ripe plants. Probably it occurs in Ireland or England. This is a short story about the farmer and his sons. The main characters are two brothers Maurice and Geoffrey. They are in different age, but both of them are pretty and searching for love. At the very beginning Maurice and Geoffrey are both in love with a pretty foreigner. It came to a big quarrel, jealousy and hassle. However, one day things totally change.

Do you believe the summer rain can exchange all your life? The story proves it. While it was the harvest brothers meet the sneaky tramp and his proud wife. Her name is Lydia and she is very unhappy woman. As luck would have it, Geoffrey and Lydia spend the night together in the barn because of heavy rain. He fells over the hills and promises to marry her. At this time Maurice was in a haystack with a foreign girl. From now on brothers make up a quarrel. Everyone is happy, Geoffrey married Lydia and they went to Canada. Maurice is happy with his girl.

As for me, this is a bit unpredictable ending because the narrative is absolutely stressful. Based on the foregoing, I recommend you the story. And I hope you will not regret time spent on it.

A Kiss Before Dying

Ira Levin

The title attracted me at the first blush. To take cognizance of the novel completely suites this heading. I think you ought to get ready to the tense narration and the tragic end.

Ira Levin is an American writer, whose bestselling novels are made into awesome films. ‘A Kiss Before Dying ‘is his first creation written in postwar 1952. It was adapted twice into Hollywood films.

‘A Kiss Before Dying ‘tells us about such extraordinary characters as the man of property, fancy man and the other. I guess this can worse turn your mind to the problem of rushing for wealth.

The story begins with a conversation between Dorothy Kingship and her boyfriend Bud Corliss. At first, the plot revolves around the girls` unwanted pregnancy. Bud is an ambitious young man and he don`t want bind his hand and foot. He only wants Dorothys` money and a baby can really take the wind out of his sales.

Furthermore, the situation is not in his favor and this grizzly man murders his paramour. Bud is planning Dorothys` sister Ellen his next witness. For a start he wants to marry the girl with a rich folks and after that he could get her money. However, the lassie unravels fancy mans` trick. After a couple of months she finds evidence that Bud knew Dorothy and then Ellen dreadfully revenges him.

In conclusion I want you to pay an attention that ‘A Kiss Before Dying’ is not an entertaining reading. Probably the book is written for adult people and anything will not be clear for teenagers.