История родного города

Колесников Даниил,14 лет

9-В класс лицея 410 Пушкинского р-на Санкт-Петербурга

Учитель Доброхотова Ирина Александровна

My name is Dan, I’m 14. My hometown is Kommunar (Russia, Leningrad oblast).

History of my town.

In the old days, the land where Kommunar is located now, belonged to Veliky Novgorod (later to Ingria). At the beginning of this construction of St-Petersburg Peter I dispensed the surrounding lands among his confidants. Grange Slavic was presented to Catherine the Great. After the death of Peter I Grange Slavic was presented to Carl Skavronsky (her brother). In 1829 this land was inherited by Countess Yu. P. Samoylova (the latter in the genus of the Skavronskies). In November 17, 1843 Saxony Altenburgskim and state councilor chamberlain Andrei Ivanovich Saburov concluded a contract for lease and maintenance of mills located in Grange (it used to be called Tsaari Moi). Later mills were rebuilt into paper mills by the British. It was the beginning of Kommunar.

Industry of Kommunar

There are 3 cardboard factories producing paper and cardboard. I would like to describe one of them, i. e. St.-Petersburg cardboard and Printing Mill is a relatively young company In 2002 it is has celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The mill has already achieved considerable results and it’s a leading producer of cardboard in Russia. The board grades and printing products are characterized by their good quality and wide variety. For their production the most advanced technological achievements are used.

Over the last few years the management has increased production capacities, renewed the equipment and recruited qualified personnel. Due to the high professional level of specialists the mill has contributed much to the development of both the North-western region of Russia and the whole country.

There are different types of packaging of such products as food, detergents, footwear, health and care products, perfumery, medicines, toys, haberdashery and household goods.

The annual production of paperboard is about 230.000t.

The main raw material of the mill is waste paper. The volume of waste paper recycled makes up about 600tpd, which prevents thousands of hectares of forest from cutting every year.

Thanks to the ongoing modernization of the production lines the mill is constantly increasing its production.

Monuments in Kommunar

1. There are a lot of places in Kommunar honored by people. One of them is the Monument to inhabitants of Kommunar who defended the town and were killed by the fascists. This monument was constructed on the banks of the Izhora because it was the place left by the defenders for the war or front.

2. Estate of Countess Samoilova

3. Church of St. Catherine.

Nature of town

There are no parks in Kommunar. The only place for the rest is the stadium and a lot of people come there every day. There were a lot of species of fish in the Izhora but now we have some problems. A lot of sewage water is thrown into this river. The area of forests is not too large but it is very nice and a lot of animals live there.